Next Millennium Webinar

Exploring Third Party Cookie Deprecation Solutions

Google's long-discussed discontinuation of third-party cookies will redefine the landscape of digital advertising, balancing user privacy with the economic necessities of publishers and advertisers. Find out how this pivotal industry shift will change the ad industry in this engaging webinar.


Learn how the industry is responding to this seismic shift.

Are Third Party Cookies Finally Crumbling?

Evolving Solutions

Delve into how the industry is adapting to third-party cookie deprecation through strategies like contextual targeting, external IDs, fingerprinting, and Google's innovations: PPID and Privacy Sandbox.

Analysis & Impact

Assess the current effectiveness, challenges, and unknowns associated with each proposed solution.


Discover potential steps to take to remain competitive in a shifting digital landscape, with insights on how Next Millennium is leading the charge.


Don't miss out on this crucial discussion. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the evolving digital advertising terrain. Watch today!